8 Rock Hits You Should Know

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  1. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion (1975)

Steven Tyler wrote the lyrics to the song about the tension between the band members, especially Tyler and Joe Perry. A lot of the tension was caused because of their drug use. Tyler said that he drew some inspiration from Perry’s wife.  The song is also a statement about doing your own thing without letting others get in your way.

  1. Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (1975)

Not everyone knows that this song was written by Robert Plant (the lead singer of the band), after the band visited The Sahara desert (however Kashmir, is a state in northern India). It was inspired while driving through the desert where the road seemed endless.

  1. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (1991)

James Hetfield, the lead vocalist, said to a magazine: “It is about being on the road, missing someone at home, but it was written in such a way that connected so many people. It wasn’t just about a relationship between two people, it was about the connection with the higher power”. This power ballad is Metallica’s most popular song.

  1. Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970)

As the title suggests, this song is about a man who is a paranoid. The guitar creates the energy for Ozzy’s lyrics. Bass guitarist Geezer Butler said: “It’s about depression, I didn’t know the difference between depression and paranoia.” Interesting fact: the word “paranoid” is never mentioned in the lyrics.

  1. Scorpions – Still Loving You (1984)

This song is a very emotional song about love, pain and dreams of getting another chance. The guitarist of Scorpions Rudolf Schenker said that it took him six years to finish this song.

  1. Blur – Song 2 (1992)

The song was titled “Song 2” as there are two verses, two choruses, the song is two minutes in length and it is the second song on their album. The song became very popular when it was released.

  1. Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (1973)

A song about a dying soldier in pain is described as “an exercise in splendid simplicity.” It is one of Dylan’s most popular compositions written after 1960’s. This song was covered by various artists including Eric Clapton, Guns N’ roses, U2 and others. 

  1. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (2003)

This song deals with The White Stripes’ rising popularity and the negative sides that came alongside with it. After Jack White came up with the riff, he devised a storyline in which a protagonist comes into town and all his friends are gossiping about him.

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