All You Might Need Is Music


It’s not a secret that most of us suffer from the infamous disease called procrastination. We’ve all had that feeling when doing chores is more entertaining than homework or when you have the sudden realization of how beautiful the walls in your room are. However, what we don’t know is why it is so. Studies have shown that an average person’s attention span can last for about 20 minutes. After that, one feels the need to relax a bit, perhaps standing up and walking could help. However, according to studies, with the right kind of background music you may spend hours on a single task, such as writing an essay or studying for an exam. Music can make the working process more effective by lengthening your attention span, relaxing your brain and making it easier to concentrate on certain tasks. It keeps you focused on the task and helps you avoid being distracted by noises or thoughts.

There are several types of music genres that are reported to boost concentration. The most famous one is believed to be classical music. There’s even a term called “Mozart effect” referring to the positive effects it can have on our brains. Some believe it makes people smarter, and children introduced to Mozart earlier in their lives grow up to be have higher than average intelligence. Here’s a 6-hour Mozart piece!

Similarly, there is a project called “Study Music Project” by DannisKuo, who creates piano pieces that help people relax and focus. His projects are based solely on piano.

If classical music is not your thing and easily bores you, try something faster. Focus@will will help you with different kinds of music. Focus@will creates concentration music for all kinds of people based on their interests. There are classical, alpha chill, uptempo and several other types of compositions.

You can also try ambient music, sounds of surroundings and nature. Some people feel best when surrounded by the natural sounds in the environment. The sound of beach waves, birds and waterfalls, rain and wind, they all are reported to have relaxing effects.

If none of the above-mentioned compositions suits you, you can use to check out playlists specially designed for studying and concentration.

Good luck with your studies!

Robert Karapetyan

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