One Other Piece on Kardashian’s Visit to Armenia


Starting from 8th of April, our little country became a subject of huge interest and discussion among many, covered by a list of international popular news agencies, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and so on. Armenia, which only a week ago was unknown to many people, became the top first country to visit this summer overnight.

The reason for this much attention towards Armenia, was famous American (of Armenian descent)  TV Personality, Kim Kardashian’s visit to Armenia, along with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, husband, Kanye West and daughter, North West.

One of the main reasons of Kardashian’s visit to the “motherland” was said to express condolences to the victims of the Armenian Genocide as the tragic event’s centennial approaches.

The views of Armenians both in Armenia and the diaspora differ whether Kardashian’s visit has been good or bad for the country’s reparation, as Kardashian became famous not for doing charity or having outstanding talents, but for a video tape that wasn’t supposed to be shared with a mass audience.

However, facts talk for themselves. Only in the first few days of her visit, Kardashian drew Armenia to the attention of the international community. With only three small tweets, she made the hash tags #Yerevan, #Armenia and #ArmenianGenocide a trend on Twitter and popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Kardashian brought attention to our country that all of Armenia’s PR agencies and professionals united wouldn’t be able to achieve. Her visit has clearly been a win-win situation on both sides. Kardashian has been under spotlight as a person who is proud of her Armenian heritage and roots, while on the other hand, her visit has acted as a million-dollar PR campaign, which has increased the awareness of millions around the globe about Armenia and the Armenian Genocide.

2015 is an important year for Armenians, and to get such massive international attention is another chance to make the world aware of the horrors our people faced during the genocide, with a hope to bring the cause to justice.

Margarit Mirzoyan


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