The Story Behind The Bridge Logo

© Lucia Yegyan
© Lucia Yegyan

 Our logo is a visual representation of our newspaper’s name “The Bridge”, that aims to visualize its meaning and demonstrate our team’s creativity and open-mindedness. The bright colors of the bridge stand out on the white background and the black lines make the logo more bold. 

As you notice, along with the bright colors, there’s a repetition of the AUA colors (gold and navy blue) representing and showing off our pride for the university. Everything we will present in the newspaper will have to do either with the university and/or about it’s students and staff, and we always enjoy hearing your (the students’/ staff’s) opinions and feedback to co-direct our content. The bridge also contains four towers, representing the four years of study (undergraduate program) at AUA; in the foreground you see the smallest tower, representing the freshman class, gradually leading to the largest tower, the seniors. It’s seems like a long journey from the first year to last, but also so colorful, interesting, full of adventures and opportunities. And the bridge does not end, it’s continuous, so there’s a bright future to come.

The bridge, in a way, also looks like the AUA bridge, which connects our two buildings. If you haven’t noticed, then next time pay attention to similar triangular structure. And even though the bridge is transparent- if the students are walking through the bridge in their colorful attire (or bright ideas) it creates a similar effect.

The design for the logo-bridge was a cumulative decision and it took multiple trials to create a design, which the whole team was in favor of. And like any project, the process of the creation of this logo had its errors and complications. I had Photoshop problems, where the program shut down a couple times, and I had to start over multiple times, but eventually our team and I created the logo we have today.  I hope it adds well to the website and will be a great representation of AUA Student Newspaper, which from now on- you’ll be seeing often.

Lucia Yegyan – The Bridge logo designer

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