Why can’t we work?

We all know by now that university takes majority of our time and requires quite a lot of effort; we study to get the knowledge we want and, most importantly, to use that knowledge in achieving our goals in the future. Studying is the number one priority for us. However, as a student you come to a point where you feel bad for asking for money from your parents, especially when they’re the ones who cover your tuition. Part time jobs come to the rescue. As newly adults we want to understand the importance of earning money on our own. That way we get one step closer to being more responsible in life.


Seems like everything is quite clear and smooth, however, it’s not. We live in a reality where many families forbid their children from having part time jobs. In most cases, parents bring on the argument that part time jobs are in no way related to the student’s major and that student have to concentrate on their education. True, but on the bright side each temporary part time job has its advantages. Take an example of a waitress; it makes your memory muscles work harder than usual, gives you an opportunity to develop communication skills. In other cases our parents tend to think that it’s not for their kids to take a part-time job cases, as if it is something below them. Not true, since none of us were born royal, having a temporary job are just new experiences for one to grow. There are also cases when parents are being overprotective of their kids and are concerned 24/7 that someone might not be nice to them at work. It is not a secret that some people are rude, but this does not mean that you should not work. Life is full of challenges, and rude people are the smallest of it.


Having a temporary job is a great experience, plus some extra pocket money to not miss your friend’s birthday or that party you really wanted to go to. Also, you will not get the most prestigious job the minute you graduate from college; it will take time and effort to get where you want to be.

There are tons of reasons why you may be forbidden to get a job. Our encouragement is for you to start small, and come to a point where you should understand that these reasons can be overcome. If you want to work, you should.


Masha Babayan


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