Life out of AUA: Sinara Isoyan

We, students, sometimes find hard to not be sucked in the academic world full of books, to keep up with the syllabus, and to keep our grades up. Sinara Isoyan, though, has been able to stay in contact with her life out of AUA.

Sinara Isoyan is originally from Armenia. She had lived in Dubai since she was seven years old and has come back to her home country to continue her education. She has started a blog a month before starting to attend AUA. A new student and an amatuer blogger, Sinara had a hectic start but didn’t let anything stop her in her way.

“What had inspired you to start something like a blog?”

“I’ve loved writing ever since I was a kid, reading too, as well as social media. At first, I was thinking that I could, maybe, open a Youtube Channel but I was a bit shy and self-conscious, so I didn’t want to put myself out there like that. Then I thought, “What’s a good way to put my love of fashion, cooking and writing into one thing?” And I came up with the blog and that’s what I do now.”

“What made you think of the name “Starlit Sirena” for you blog?”

“Well, Sirena means mermaid in Spanish, and ever since I was little, my family had always thought of me as a mermaid because I had really long and wavy brown hair. And it also rhymes with my name, and I didn’t want to put my name out there. Also, at first, I was thinking of “Moonlight Sirena” but I didn’t like it; it didn’t have the same nice ring to it as “Starlit Sirena.” I also wanted it to be an easy name, so that it was easy to remember. I didn’t want people to go to the blog and then be like, “Hey what was the name of that blog again?”

“Where do you get the ideas for your articles from?”

“Hmm… Well, I really enjoy visiting other blogs and everything. There was this blog about easy-to-make snacks, and I got an idea from there because I love food and I love movies. So I started this series of posts on my blog called “Movie Nights” so I can show little snacks to eat during the movie. I get my ideas from different blogs and everything. Also, Pinterest really helps.”


“How often do you post articles?”

“I usually post twice a week. Unless I have midterms or finals, but even though I don’t post any stuff, I still have ideas and drafts about the next articles I wanted to post for later. I post on the days when I get out of classes early and on Sundays, because I’d have a lot of time on Saturday to prepare the article. It also helps that  I just post recipes on Sundays.”

“Why are recipes posted on Sundays and not Fridays or any other day?”

“Well, it’s easier because I usually cook something on Saturdays and then just write about it and post it the next day. And I have this series called “Scrumptious Sundays” to keep up with the weekly trend.”

“What is your favorite thing to post each week?”

“I’m a big fan of movies and I like all the movie ideas that I post. I like the fashion posts as well,  because I like photography and the way you can capture a person in a photo. And usually, when I ask my mom to take a picture of me, she does it when I’m not looking, so it’s kinda cool. I like the whole fashion stuff in general. I also like the food posts that I do, but I don’t think I take good photos of food yet, so I’m not really experienced in that.”

“Do you know how many views you get for each post?”

“Yeah. I get the statistics; for the first post, I got around 400 views. Since I’m new, I don’t get much views.”

“What was the first post you ever published?”

“It was a fashion post, which was also like my introduction: my name is this, I wrote the reason I was starting my blog, but it was also like a fashion thing.”

“Do any of your friends who follow your blog?”

“Yeah, I can see who follows me, and most of the people who follow me are my friends from Dubai, because they know about it. People here don’t really know about it. I am new here and I don’t wanna go up to the person and say, “Hey, I’m Sinara. Do you wanna follow my blog?” So the people who follow my blog are my old friends and some people from here also follow my blog and there are a couple of people I don’t know, which is kind of cool. They don’t follow me just because they know me, but maybe because they like my stuff and that’s kinda good.”

“Are you good with the editing ?”

“I am still learning, but I guess I’m improving, cuz the first few blog posts looked amateurish. Now, I start to pay more attention to the details: lighting and everything else with photography.”


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