Challenges of women in the modern world: interview with Satenik Avakian

Article 14.1 of the current Armenian Constitution enshrines the right to gender equality, and outlaws all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender as well as other social characteristics (

Mrs Satenik Avakian is specialized in Library Sciences and is the head of the AUA library. Within the frames of International Women’s Day, as a successful and outstanding woman, opened up and gave an insight about gender issues.

Besides being a librarian, Mrs Satenik Avakian is also a great interlocutor.


To the question whether she has faced any challenges throughout her career as a female she answered “I am lucky to say that I did not. I have always experienced equality in my job and also in my family. However, when I look behind it, there are so many women who simply cannot work in partnership with men and face the stereotypes set by national traditions. This is very sad.”

Mrs Avakian also strongly believes that a successful woman should be educated and civilized enough to perceive gender issues in a deeper sense, be socially, politically and culturally active as well as respected in her community.

She encouraged our parents to treat their sons and daughters equally and shared the best life lessons she has learned as a woman:

Have your courage and determination, be honest, supportive, and simply be yourself.

P.S. There is a corner dedicated to female writers, translators and leaders in the library you can check out March 2-10.

Mrs Avakian is thankful to Anahit Vardanyan and Araz Margosian who had their huge contributions towards making this great project a reality.  

Nune Harutyunyan

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