Live Blogging: Gugas App Launch

“The market is a living system with a need in evolution or revolution. Gugas is a startup which is partially satisfying the evolutionary needs of the transportation market of the Republic of Armenia. We provide a platform for carpooling and taxi servicing. There are two mobile apps. ‘Gugas Driver’ is for drivers and ‘Gugas’ is for riders.”

996995_1169504213069138_3263389753133659901_n© Gugas 

The team is representing their app today at AUA. The team members who have worked hard on this are Karlen Manaseryan, Haykaz Bagratyan, and Albert Hambardzumyan. 

2016-05-03© Gugas

What is Gugas about? It is not just about ordering a taxi, it is also about carpooling. If you want to go to somewhere and you have no driver, then you can go to the app, put in your request, and if there is someone who has a car and is going to the same place you want to go, the app will notify them and will come pick you up. 

You can even order a taxi and choose the time that you want the car to be there. Besides that you can save a place where you have visited recently and whenever you would like to order a taxi again that place will appear the first. 

The evolution of the name. The team had began with VASH but “that sounds weird in Russian” says Haykaz. Then they discussed WayUp with lawyers and found that it will create legal problems for them so they later on settled on Gugas. “Also, if spoken in Armenian, it means will you come, gugas hedes gnas” comments Karlen. 

One of the advantages is that both riders and drivers can rate and comment if they have some complaints. Also there is no fee for carpooling, there are university tag, and event based carpooling. 

One of the biggest advantages that the costumers will surely enjoy is that the app does not show any of those annoying ads. 


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