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The concept “start-up” originally appeared in the field of information technology and has been associated with the emergence of new organizations, each of which aims to offer the target audience something unique. From the original essence, the concept retains the idea of innovation and active promotion (public relations, involvement of investors, mass media publications, and, in particular, the Internet). Formerly known only as information projects, start-ups are now known as new projects in general.


Edgar Andriasyan and Artyom Kosyan, students of the American University of Armenia, have participated in Won UNIDO GCIP Prize for “Most Promising Youth-Led Business,” where they won 1,000$ by presenting an idea/product that could assist households to save from 25% to 40% of energy costs each month. They created an AUA Startup club, aimed at uniting students from AUA for participating in idea generation and its’ realization.

The first meeting was held On March 29, 2016, when the club’s representatives introduced Startup’s future vision, mission, and goals.

According to Edgar Andriasyan, interviews and surveys will be conducted among the club’s members. “Adding members to our participants list is a good thing, however, we must know what they are capable of, what they are willing to do, and what kind of help they need.” When the teams will be assigned, everyone will be able to implement their stronger qualities into their project. Meanwhile, they will have guest lecturers and discussion that will guide teams and help them in their work. For now, the AUA Startups club has nearly 170 registered students. However, Edgar says that it is possible to join their club right in the middle of the process: “This is one of our club’s advantages, it is flexible for students who are willing to participate.” As for the qualities that one should possess to become successful, intrinsic motivation, perseverance, and discipline are some of the traits needed. “The Startup founder must have intrinsic motivation; one should always work. It is also important to have perseverance to never deviate from appeared obstacles and discipline that will help people meet their deadlines.”


Tatevik Avetisyan

Photo by Lusine Sargsyan

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