Life out of AUA: Tatevik Kyurkchyan

“Light After Darkness” is a 303-page science fiction novel. It follows the journey of a certain group people who live in the future and it focuses on a new species of people who live underwater and have their own communities in a completely new world. The book focuses on the relationship of two enemy kings of these species and how that affects the people around them. It also tell the story of a person who’s just trying to figure it all out.


The writer and publisher of the book “Light after Darkness”shares her life story outside AUA . Tatevik Kyurkchyan is an English & Communications sophomore student. The book is in English rather than in Armenian because she lived in the United States for nine year.  At the age of 14 she had started writing a book inspired by her love for the English Language and writing passion.

Tatevik found her inspiration from every little thing around her, but mostly from having a  Turkish pen pal. Tatevik says that she has received a lot of hate for that. She wanted to put all her emotions and feelings into a book that best described how two people from enemy countries can be friends.

Tatevik says that at first she did not want to write the book. She had stopped after writing two chapters. After a year, she wanted to get the message out about how hatred is only a trick in our minds, so she continued writing after that. She says that during the writing process, she did not push herself. Instead, she let “the inspiration come when it comes because when you push it, it doesn’t sound as right.” She  also never thought of publishing the book. It was her father who encouraged her to continue during her one year break and gave  her the support and motivation to continue till the end. “He came up to me one day and said ‘If you finish this book, we’ll have it published.’ ” So knowing that she had the support of her father, a goal, and also motivation that all that writing is actually getting somewhere kept her writing.

The most difficult challenge for Tatevik was the research part,as the book is science fiction. She spent an entire month doing research about the ocean, fish, amd their climates and sometimes she’d think: “I wish I never wrote about this topic because it was too much research that  I have to do. The thing is, it’s not fantasy and I can’t just write whatever. It’s science fiction, and I have to be as close to reality as possible.” She wanted to write about something people go through every single day but in new and different settings.

Tatevik thought that the publishing process would be a much longer and harder process but to her surprise, it took only two months.  She gives all the credit to her editor: “I had a good editor, thank God.” She says that choosing the cover of the book took a little longer than she expected. The most stressful part for Tatevik was the title. She did not even think about the title until she wrote the last sentence of the book. The title perfectly describes the entire book as it talks about the journey these species went through, all the darkness they lived in, and how they ultimately had the light and peace they needed.

As for reviews, Tatevik says she is still trying to spread the book because not many people read in English in Armenia. But those who have read it said that it was really easy to read; but most were astonished about how was a 14-year-old able to write a 303-page novel. The book has sold around 30 copies and also been given out many for publicity.

“I know the book is not perfect. At that time, I did not know good grammar so but I am so proud of it and I do not regret any of the mistakes I did because I also learned from them,” Tatevik said.

If you want to read the book, you can visit Noyan Tapan Bookstore.

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