WAY to a Success

The WAY: World Active Youth union held its second seminar, titled “Business or Career?” on December 18. The speakers present at the event were Samvel Gevorgyan, the founder and CEO of BSC Business Support Center, and Aram Pakhchanian, the Vice President of software company ABBYY and the director of Ayb School.


Mr. Gevorgyan emphasized the role of the business maker in his speech, as well as gave advice to startups. He admitted that as a businessman, his own first reaction to a startup is always very critical; initially, he mainly pays attention to and focuses on the risks of its implementation. In order to better understand risks and opportunities, Gevorgyan suggested following the Business Model Canvas, created by Alex Osterwalder, the co-founder of Strategyzer.com. It is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.

Mr. Pakhchanian delivered a career-oriented presentation, including career facts, advice about gaining work experience and insights into the connection between one’s education and career. He also spoke about various ways of starting something new. From the importance of volunteering and self-education to creating startups and online blogs, Pakhchanian emphasized the essential role that innovativeness and willingness to take the initiative plays in one’s career.  


Anna Sargsyan

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