Have “The Time of Your Life” at AUA

L: Vartan Panossian (Tom), M: Andranik Davtyan (Kit), R: Alex Mikayelyan (Joe)

William Saroyan’s play, “The Time of Your Life,” will be presented at AUA on behalf of the university’s Drama Club and the English & Communications Program on April 7 and 8. The play initially appeared on Broadway in 1939 numerous times and has now reached the stage of Armenia’s youth. Despite their daily projects, a devoted cast of students and production group devoted time for consecutive months to prepare for this play.

Ani Jilavyan, who plays the role of the newsgirl, spoke more in detail about the plot of the play for those who are interested in a short synopsis. “I think that there are a lot of interesting and funny moments in the play. It is sometimes a little weird, but that makes the play more attractive, in my opinion. There are a lot of ideas to think about. Also, all our actors are great and because of that each AUA student should come and see the play. The play takes place in 1939 and is presented in five acts. It’s mostly set in a bar, through which numerous colorful but distressed characters move in their search for something more out of life than what they have. The action centers on Joe, a rich young man who does not have to work any longer and can spend most of his time drinking, doing small favors for people, and sending his naive friend, Tom, on crazy errands. People enter the bar and interact with Joe, Nick (the bar’s owner), and one another. The tension in the play appears toward its end when Blick (a spiteful vice cop) returns to the bar to make trouble for Nick and Kitty Duval (a streetwalker).”

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to attend the play, a few members of the cast shared their experiences that might make you change your mind.

“I don’t want to reveal too much about the play, so I am just going to state that the whole play mostly takes place in a bar, there are many characters each with their own personality, their stories and problems. Besides, I think that every student will be interested in coming to this play because we have everything! We have drama, comedy, love, crazy lunatics, murder, and prostitutes. I am pretty sure that everyone will find at least something interesting for them in this play. And I assure you that while watching the play you will have the time of your life,” said Andranik Davtyan who plays Kit.

“It was an amazing, interesting, and adventurous ride. I guess the biggest challenge was remembering my lines (just kidding, I had only a few words). Actually, a challenge for me – an 18-years old girl – was to enter  the role of an aristocratic, capricious society lady who is in her 40s. However, I managed to “switch Anna off” and turn on the “lady” whenever I was on the stage,” Anna Ispiryan shared about her experience playing Society Lady.

The cast hopes for many people to take a short break from their daily schedules on the mentioned dates and enjoy the efforts and positive energy they will transfer to the audience.


Tatevik Kyurkchyan


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