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In celebration of the 2-year anniversary of the founding of the Bridge Newspaper, we have organized the Media for Tomorrow discussion panel. Guest speakers include journalist Thomas Gorguissian, blogger Samvel Martirosyan, photographer Areg Balayan, and Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan. 

  • Opening remarks by the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Christina Soloyan. The introduction of speakers and core topics of discussion. 
  • Samvel Martirosyan begins the panel with the importance of bloggers and journalists in current event reporting. Journalism has evolved greatly over the years, including those who are not professionals and can cover an event much quicker and simpler than before. Blogging has changed from ten years ago compared to now, which is currently mainly based on social media. Blogs are mainly used by the youth and encouraged to students to interact with the social issues, but it does not develop much in professional journalism in Armenia. Blogs are displayed often as something similar as a daily notebook or diary, instead of concentrating on using it for discussing large-scale issues or controversial topics.  


  • According to Mr. Martirosyan, social media, especially Facebook has taken over traditional methods of blogging. It has made people less reliant on their personal memory since everything exists in writing and people are constantly in need of news to keep viewers interested. Especially functions like “stories” or 24-hour appearing photos which require people to concentrate on current events in the moment, then quickly move onto the next. 
  • Q&A session with the audience regarding most visited and popular websites which currently engage large masses of people worldwide.


  • Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan speaks about the relations between Armenian and Turkish people in the media. Armenian society is interested in the events of Turkish daily life during political or social occurrences and is often posted by Armenian news sources. Similarly, this occurs with events in Azerbaijan, typically focusing on topics which perceive these countries from a negative perspective.

  • “Turkish media does not focus on events which occur in Armenia, or discuss Armenians in general for ongoing weeks,” –  V. Geghamyan. 


  • Photographer Areg Balayan is the next speaker and he presented a photo documentary regarding military mobilization. 

  • “Information is relatively more visual in the modern day, and photos make it much easier to receive by audiences worldwide compared to text,” – A. Balayan. 
  • Journalist and writer Thomas Gorguissian is the final guest speaker for the event. Blogs and newspapers are slowly declining with the emergence of modern journalism methods. Content is a crucial concept of importance in media, yet the quality of it is often not valued currently.

  • “Media complies with the needs of the audience for a specific period of time. This is why different topics interested those in the past, and media will continue to alter according to the interests of the future generations,” – T. Gorguissian. 



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