Welcome New Clubs at AUA

On September 28, 2017,  the Center of Student success was packed. During the annual student club fair,  many students kept coming and going in a search for clubs close to their interests. Among already experienced clubs were also very new, enthusiastic additions. Here are some of the new clubs and what they have to offer.

Choir club

The Choir club’s founder Seline Grekorian shared that she was a member of the choir in high school. “Every university in the United States has a Choir Club.” Seline plans to divide the members into groups, such as alto, soprano, tenor, and bass. For those who love playing instruments “We are looking for a pianist as well. Other musicians, such as violinists, guitarists or anything else are always welcome.” The club meetings will be organized on weekly basis. “Since this is a new club in AUA I am both excited and nervous.” The choir will be singing classical, gospel, pop music.

Camping club

Founders Edgar Khanzadian and Artur Aloyan enthusiastically shared that the camping club’s aim is to visit not only the most popular touristic spots in Armenia but also less exposed ones. “One of our plans is to go to Kachaxakavanq. The club encourages a healthy lifestyle and good relations between AUA students.We want the students to be able to relax after working so hard in AUA.” 



Chess club

“Chess is a great brain exercise which will help the students think more critically,” said Sargis Petrosyan. The chess club is planning to have competitions during this and next semester.


Football Club

Football club’s founders Petros Margaryan and Henrik Sergoyan were happy to share about finally opening the club this year. “We are going to have teambuilding activities, practices in the football field every week.The team meetings will be as training.” Just like the chess club football club is going to be a competition in AUA. “Everybody is welcome to join our team that consists of both girls and boys. Come develop your skills with us!”


Wiki club

Wiki club’s founder Ashot Janibekyan said, “The wiki club’s aim is to write various articles about different topics just like Wikipedia articles.” Ashot, having an experience of editing Wikipedia articles is excited to turn the club into a bigger platform.


The new student clubs promise to make the busy, exhausting student life less stressful. By joining the clubs students will have a chance to use their spare time in an enjoyable environment.



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