Direction of the “Flight” is Known: Results of the USC Elections

The Undergraduate Student Council elections are over, and the results are announced.

Twenty-three candidates ran for the elections. The candidates running were split into two groups, League A and Team Ultimate, with one candidate, Nazeli Ghazaryan, running individually.

Here is the list of the 12 candidates that got most of the votes:

Anna Arzumanyan, Anna Tantushyan, Arman Misakyan, Armen Aloyan, Narek Babajanyan, Edward Hovhannisyan, Hayk Khekoyan, Lia Yeghoyanc, Maykl Hovhannesyan, Meri Nersesyan, Tigran Hovhannisyan, Yura Shakhnazaryan.

The League A, with the motto “We Can Fly, Wanna Try?,” has an absolute victory, having all members elected. Successful election of all nine members is an outstanding result, which makes us think about the reasons behind it. The fact is that the majority of the students has voted for entire teams and not individuals they sympathize with. One of the pitfalls of voting for a group and not individuals is that the voters, instead of considering the merits of each candidate separately, usually look at their allegiance to a certain coalition/party. You know one of the candidates, you trust her/him, so you vote for the group to which he/she belongs. If so, it is important to remember, that now USC members should also show themselves independently — with their contribution to the work of USC.

   Not going into details of the voter’s behavior analysis, let’s recall what is promised by the “winners of the run.”

What is promised

League A, in their draft action plan, focuses on improving university facilities, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and offering new entertainment programs. The latter element is what the document pays most attention to; plans include a costume contest, karaoke night, fashion show, movie night, music fest, staff appreciation and many other events.



The “ultimate”alternative

Only three members of Team Ultimate will be present in the USC —  Narek Babajanyan, Anna Arzumanyan, and Yura Shakhnazaryan. The fulcrum of propositions of Team Ultimate is on foreign affairs, involvement in the committees, direct cooperation with AUA faculty and administration, new academic opportunities for the students and collaboration with other Universities.


From now on, the members of the two teams will assume the responsibility of representing AUA students. Having different visions of student council activities, the members should find a common ground and incorporate their plans into one in order to have a productive year.

Hopefully, the newly elected council will not only provide a more enjoyable university experience for the students, but also succeed in building bridges between AUA and other public and private institutions.


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