5 Reasons to Visit Spain


Spain is a beautiful country with so many interesting places to visit and things to see. I decided to write down for you the most memorable of them 

© Masha Babayan

  1. Balconies – The Beauty of the City   

The first thing that drew my attention me when I got to Barcelona was the architecture. Each building was unique in its own way. However, the

 most beautiful parts of the buildings were the balconies. I would say that those were the main decorations of the city. Each building had at least

2 balconies or more. People were walking around and taking pictures of buildings, which had the most extraordinary balconies with various colors and different shapes, some were even decorated with flowers. Because of the balconies, the whole atmosphere was kind of magical. You would walk in the streets and feel like you’re in a fairy tale or in medieval period.

  1. The Green Mountains

As I visited several cities in Spain, I happened to see the most beautiful sceneries each city. One thing that I found in common was that each city had beautiful green mountains. In Granada, which is a city in the south of Spain, there were towers built on hills from where you could see the whole beauty of the town. For me the most beautiful mountain I saw in Spain was Montserrat, located near Barcelona. A part of it was covered in flowers which made the view quite fascinating. I took pictures and couldn’t get enough because no camera could capture the real beauty of the nature.

  1. The Sea

I love water. This vacation in Tenerife Island was one of the best days during my stay in Spain. The beach was covered with palm trees and also had separate areas where people could play outdoor sports such as tennis or volleyball. People were having a nice time swimming and surfing

© Masha Babayan

and enjoying themselves. It was more than perfect. Even though the waves were so big that some people, including me, had difficulties staying in water, there still was an unexplainable feeling each time I went near the beach. Its view and the sound of waves gave me a good mood when they were going for a morning run, or just were walking around. It was a quiet, nice place for people to relax in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, there were mini parties held mostly for youth.

  1. The Food

Spanish food is famous for its variety of extraordinary sea creatures. People in Spain eat not only several types of fish, but also octopuses, shrimp and snails. As a person who likes trying different dishes, I tried almost everything and liked most of it. Also, Spanish people like adding various

© Masha Babayan

spices to their food, which kind of makes it harder for people from foreign countries to eat Spanish food. One of the most famous Spanish dishes

is Paella; it is rice mixed with seafood and a special sauce. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, you should try Spanish food at least once.

  1. The Gypsy Dance   

As I walked around the cities I constantly saw people dancing and singing in the middle of the streets around big crowds of people. Their outfit included long colorful dresses, they had long earrings, their hair was long and curly, and the most important part were the heels because the

whole dance was based on feet and the sound of heels. Those were Gypsies, who were first originated in Spain. Their dances and songs represented their anger toward people who didn’t understand their culture and were against them. Most songs were in flamenco genre; Spanish music played on the guitar and accompanied by singing and dancing.  It was a nice learning experience to see something that showed their culture.

Masha Babayan



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