AUA Bouldering Class: Worth Taking or Not?

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Many students find themselves having some leisure time that they’d like to spend doing something active or creative, in order to get a little break between never ending assignments, quizzes, and papers. Yet, an important decision is to be made: what should one do? Go swimming? Play baseball? Maybe take dance classes?

This article will be useful for those wondering about this question. To assist in taking a decision, with each issue a new type of PE (Physical Education) class will be presented, alongside with an interview of someone participating in it.

Bouldering, also known as a form of rock climbing, is a simulating sport which takes place indoors on rock formations (wood panels with plastic handles) not exceeding height of 6m and allows the participant to train the skills needed for real climbing and mountaineering. Originally it was only a sort of training, however, nowadays this has turned into a serious sport and has become more popular.

Before the start of the 2015 spring semester, AUA announced that students from now on will have an opportunity to choose bouldering class as a part of mandatory PE course. In order to find out what AUA students think about this possibility, The Bridge team members had a little talk with two of the students enrolled in this class, Aram Serobyan and Narek Jilavyan, sophomore students  both majoring in Computational Sciences.

Q: What do you think of this course and what made you choose particularly this one among all other possible ones?

A: I believe this is a perfect and rare opportunity. First of all, this is a unique possibility to combine the pleasant with the necessary. As we all know, all AUA students are required to take 2 years (or 4 semesters) of PE courses, and yet among all the other courses this one seemed to be the most joyful and adventurous one. Second of all, the trainings give the participants in particular, some skills that may have to be used one day. Unlike table tennis or basketball, I believe that these specific skills might one day help me in a difficult situation or even save my life if necessary. And last but not least, bouldering class makes daily routine more interesting and broadens one’s horizons.

Q: Do you find the gym and the sport in general safe?

A: The gym is constructed as safe as possible, however small injuries are unavoidable in any kind of sport, take soccer for example or even running. In the gym though, the risk is quite minimized.

Q: What are some advantages and disadvantages of the boulder gym?

A: As an advantage I would like to state the fact that you have a chance to learn about mountaineering, with less risk than it is in reality. Also, the people working at the gym are very nice and it is fun to have trainings with them.

A disadvantage is the small space. When there are many people, it becomes a waiting line. Also, the paths are made in such way that sometimes only very tall or very skilled ones can pass.

Q: Since it is the end of the semester, can you say you have changed physically with the help of the sport?

A: Yes, indeed, I feel that my hand and finger muscles have strengthened quite a lot and I am more flexible now.

Tatevik Hovhannisyan

AUA bouldering classes are offered at Boulder Town under the instruction of AUA TEFL Professor, Rai Farrelly.

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