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The Internet gains its authoritative place in every sphere of our lives. It even spreads its influence in an important sphere such as education. Nowadays, more than 40 web pages offer various online courses. The conductors of the courses are people starting from amateurs ending by the most influential professionals and professors. Here are the list of the educational websites, which are not the most popular ones, but which are not less useful and deserve to be checked out. Therefore, if you feel that you need some new and trusted sources of knowledge this article is for you. suggests online courses on 93 highly diverse subjects, from Chinese Language Studies to Yoga. It contains nearly 600 free MOOCs (massive open online course). No matter in which corner of the world you liveAlison.comgives an opportunity to learn about the newest tendencies of the preferred professions by using interesting and interactive devices of the webpage. After successfully passing the course you can receive a verified certificate. Isn’t this easy and time saving? This website, which was founded in 2011 by Sebastian Thrun, will interest Computer Science majors. Sebastian Thrun himself recorded the very first MOOC for He recorded his own course taught in Stanford University about Artificial Intelligence. The name of the web page represents the mission of the website of being “audacious for you, the student”. It includes MOOCs such as Introduction to HTML and CSS, basics of JavaScript, Descriptive Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and so on. This is the place where you can find courses about any new innovation of the world of technologies. The web page gives an opportunity to choose the level of the course from advancedto new to techs, who are doing their first steps in the field of technologies and programming or E-business. There are many successful foreign educational web projects, but we should not ignore Armenian online educational projects too. is an online TV, which has become a platform for both professionals from different fields who has something to share and for people who want to learn something new. The format of the courses are slightly different from so called MOOCs. The courses are more like lectures; without homework and quizzes. The topics of the lectures are very specific and trendy and are presented from different perspectives. That is what makes them unique.

University education, in real auditoriums with face-to-face interactions between students and professors, always will have its advantages and will be the main valid and trusted way of education for many years; however, the alternatives of education should not be neglected as they already have their place in our path toward our scholar success.

Christina Soloyan

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