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What do you do when you want to know a person better but cannot find ways to talk to them in real life? You stalk them on social media.Don’t worry, happens to the best of us.

Or wait…Here is the other side of the story. What do you do when you want to learn more information than he/she has provided? You stalk them on social media. What if you haven’t met the person and your friend tells his/her full name? Do you go look for them in the crowd? No, you look them up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte: let’s stop the list and move on.

Stalking usually starts by a photo a popular girl in college has posted. You start looking through her timeline. You see someone familiar commenting–you are already stalking their profile. The same continues for about an hour (or two, three, four hours) until you see a post about their favorite celebrity. Now you are in this celebrity’s Instagram profile looking through their photos of vacation in Hawaii enjoying the beach and having a flawless body.  

Five hours=gone.


Why does this happen though? What is the reason that pushes us towards digging ourselves so deep into this individual’s life? Is it because we are allowed to take a look at what information is “provided” for us online? Let’s see.

Stalking has been around ever since Facebook became viral. It has actually been proven(Digital Discourse: Language in the New Media Book) that there are distinguishable categories and types of people in stalking “sphere”. For example, “creeping on” somebody together, than alone,has started many friendships. According to this study, these people discuss what somebody has posted,and it may become a huge topic of debate or jealousy which is celebrated together. At some point of our lives, we probably all were part of this “community”.

Then there are other types of “stalkers.” Besides learning about others, you yourself are “learned” by them too. You are stalked by your parents, relatives, other friends and acquaintances, or someone you want to make a huge impression on. However, what is most important is that you are stalked by your future employers. Therefore, be very careful about the information you put up on your social media accounts.


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We all have been or are getting through this process of investigating and giving ourselves the right to go into others’ lives and judging or liking them by their online profiles. Nevertheless, always remember that this information is provided what the user wants you to have access to and not what youactually want toknow. My version of avoiding this way of wasting time is going and spending quality time with the people who I am truly loved by. This may sound mainstream, but it is very important to appreciate the ones you are surrounded by (I mean in real life).

Every time you explore those people’s pages, who may not even know about your existence, ask yourself one question: are they really worth your time?


P.S. There are many people who are gradually losing their individualities in order to fit in. My next article is going to be about the way a person is shaped by his/her friends and the environment he/she is in.

P.P.S. Since this is a whole series of topics I am writing about, leave a comment below, telling me what topic you would want to read about. I would love to hear your opinion!

Nune Harutyunyan 

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