From Dancing to Model UN

On October 22nd the bridge, connecting the two buildings was overcrowded, because of the Club Fair. This is an annual event, during which Student Clubs get to promote their activities and register new members. Now AUA has 18 clubs and 10 of them are brand new.

Here is the list of the newly registered clubs and some thoughts by members from each club on how they might affect our overall student experience.

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“Volunteers League”

This club is currently the largest club of AUA. It has more than 150 members. The founder of this club is Gabriel Hovhannisyan.  The main purpose of “Volunteer League” is to promote volunteer activities inside and outside of AUA.

“If you want to enhance your volunteering experiences or to realize your goals and ideas through volunteering then join us”.   

 Tigran Sargsyan

“Silhouette” music band

 “As there are many talented musicians in AUA who want to make something new and to express their souls through music we decided to open a new music club. The idea of our name “Silhouette” belongs to Haykuhi Davtyan. While listening to Olly Murs – Troublemaker ft. Flo Rida, “I see your silhouette every time I close my eyes” the idea to name our group “Silhouette” came spontaneously to her. We are going to create our own music in different genres and also work with famous musicians to get more experience in jazz, rock and even classic music. We are going to have many concerts in the near future so we’re looking forward for our activities.”

Sona Karganyan

“Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat” movie making club

 “The main founder of this club is Shant Yezekyan, but we opened this club with four friends. We love movie making and producing so since we have some experience in movie making we decided to open a club. But we want to do it in a more professional way, like we want to have  our own directors, script writers, operators, editors and of course actors. We will also have people responsible for the music and special video effects. Even if we already did more than 10 projects we still think that there are a lot of things to learn and we are always open for discussions. So we should encourage our members to teach us, as much as we teach them. And this is the main purpose of our club to share experience. “

David Grigoryan

“High Art Cinema”

 “The founder of this club is me, but we opened it with six friends. It’s not difficult to open a club in AUA but it is to operate and control it. But you can manage it if you are an active student. Some of our members have experience in making movies. One of them did a collaboration with Columbia University and she also learned about film-making for one year. The main purpose of our club is to involve AUA students in the culture of cinematography and animation. We are going to screen both movies and animations and familiarize students to different techniques and genres of animation making. Our club is unique as we are not only going to present films but also animations. And besides all of these we are going to have workshops with filmmakers in Armenia a few times a year.”

Arpine Kirakosyan

“Armenian National Music Club”

“We founded this club with five people from our previous school. As we are all fans of Armenian culture, dances and music we thought that it’s great opportunity to share that. The point is to get people acquainted with the culture even for foreign people to get good insight into Armenian music and culture. “

Rubina Shakhyan, Talin Saghdasaryan

“Model United Nations”

 “I have been studying in an international school and as you know it’s difficult to deal with people from different cultures but it’s also very interesting. And it was really great that we had this club (MUN) at our school and I joined it. And I was even chosen to participate in a conference in Moscow. So this is a great opportunity to advance my skills and to help other people who are also interested in this field. The main purpose of this club is to gather people with the same interest in the same place, to share our experience with each other and of course to have memorable and fun times together. The hardest part of opening this club is to be able to gather all the members together since this is a more serious club, every meeting is crucial.”

Anna Arzumanyan

“Polyglot” club

“If you want to enhance your skills of communication in Russian this club is exactly what you are searching for. In meetings there will be debates, discussions and also games which can be helpful to improve your Russian. This club gives opportunity even non Russian speakers to start to learn something new and worthwhile. There will be special tests which will help leaders to divide members into special groups by each level of knowledge. So all the students who love Russian can join “Polyglot”.


“AUA Startups” club

“Some students have a lot of bright and creative ideas but don’t know how to transfer those ideas into businesses. So we decided to use our gained knowledge to help our classmates to start their own businesses. For instance, we can help them with business planning or to introduce them to specialists if they don’t have connections in the industry which they want to open a business in. So don’t miss your chance and register. “

AUA Startups club will help you with the following:

– Introducing you with industry leaders and strategic partners

– Funding: seed funding, grant competitions, crowd-funding, venture capital, angel investors

– Mentorship and advising with industry experts

– Business basics

– Marketing, management, accounting, financial management

– Comprehensive training programs with experts

The Club will cooperate with AUA Graduate Student Council.

Arevik Azaryan



 “We were in a sushi bar with friends when this idea came to us. We will dub all Armenian cartoons so all those people who do not understand Armenian will be able to watch them too. But that’s not all, besides that we are going to shoot films but not professionally because our aim is to show that everyone within themselves is a director and that it is not necessary to have professional video cameras etc. to be able to make a movie. Then we are going to watch those films, discuss them and of course eat cookies and drink tea. Of course there were some difficulties during the club registration process connected with a huge constitution which we had to fill in and deciding a new logo but it was also fun. The hardest moment in opening a new club was to find a good place where we could print our flyers with lower prices as our budget is limited. We decided to name our group “Filmoscope” as the suffix “-scope” is used to name an instrument used for viewing and examination. And since during during our club meetings we are not only going to watch films, but discuss them, learn in an interesting and interactive way about their making and history and do other entertaining activities that have to do with films, we thought that this name would describe our aims and plans the best. “

Nina Baklachyan



 And if you would like to still join a club- Visit: for a full list of the clubs, their purposes, contact information, meeting times and other information.


There are special policies that club leaders and members should follow. Policies can be found at the Student Success Webpage:  

AUA allocates 150$ per club for per fiscal year. And if a club’s expenses exceed the given amount then AUA is not responsible to return the wasted money. However, every club has a chance to apply for budget money which should be precisely calculated with Student Services Coordinator. Here you can find additional information connected with club budgets. .

Student Clubs are spheres through which students can express their ideas and abilities which they can’t do during the academic aspect of the university.



Ani Tumanyan

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