King Arthur’s victory

3Arthur Abraham proved, once more, that he deserves to be called King Arthur. On Saturday night, November 21st, at the TUI Arena in Hannover, Germany, Arthur Abraham had a fight against English boxer Martin Murray. This was Martin Murray’s fourth attempt to achieve a world  title, and Arthur showed, once again, that it is just too early to give up his title. Although Martin Murray lost, we could see from the match that he improved his boxing skills and performed fantastic moves in the first rounds. Arthur took the leading position in the middle of the match and continued his position till the end. The match lasted till the end of the 12th round and Arthur won with higher points. Let’s not forget, after all, that Murray is two years younger than Arthur and will have more chances to win after gaining more experience in the near future. So if you were for Murray’ victory, don’t lose your hope because he showed that he really has potential and skills.

Congratulation to all of Arthur’s fans!





Ani Tumanyan

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