Fighting insomnia and getting better sleep


Flowing both from the desire to manage as much as possible during a day and the increasing number of responsibilities that are put on our shoulders, the busy routine leaves a noticeable spot on our biorhythm. Problems with insomnia directly dependent on the biorhythm may result constant headaches, dizziness and inability to concentrate. The habits mentioned below may be the main cause for insomnia:


Keeping a different sleep schedule on the weekends. By forcing your body to toggle between two different sleep schedules every week, you affect your natural biorhythm. Instead, wake up at the same time during the whole week, and have a set bedtime. Try to organize your daily tasks by the importance level and put an alarm two hours before the bedtime to boost up the working process and go to bed at the right time.


Underestimating how much caffeine your organism gets. In fact, caffeine has a side effect of half-life of eight to ten hours, which means that half of what you are drinking late in the day may be arresting your sleep. Drink your caffeine in till noon and swear off it after lunch. If you can’t get through the evenings without any drink, relaxing green tea is a good replacement.


Hitting snooze. Snoozing throws your body off schedule, which can make it harder to fall asleep the coming night. It is not about reaching magical eight hours of sleep. In fact, healthy sleep of six hours can be much more effective than falling asleep for every ten minutes.


Consuming too much sugar. The boost snacks you consume for better productivity have a side effect. Sweet treats and processed carbohydrates cause your blood sugar and energy levels to spike and crash. Moreover, when you stay up late, the blood sugar fluctuates more than normal, so consuming sugar makes it even worse. Protein would be a better idea. It stimulates a neurotransmitter in your brain called orexin, which regulates arousal, wakefulness and appetite.
When you’re getting a snack, try to substitute sweets and chips with nuts or trail mix.


By trying to give up these everyday routine habits, you will make a double gift to yourself and your organism: a fresher look and healthier night sleep.



Anne Aghabekian

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