“NK must return to processes of negotiation.” Shortly reviewing the news conference of the OSCE Minsk group

The press conference of OSCE Mink group was held in Yerevan, on April 9. 

OSCE Minsk group reported that during and after the four-day war they are trying to hold the ceasefire agreement and bring the both sides to negotiating table. Following the meetings in Baku, Stepanakert and Yerevan intermediaries see that political discussions and the establishment of trust between the countries are the necessary goals of the Minsk group.

As Igor Popov, ambassador of Russia, responded that they regularly asserted that negotiation process is mandatory part of the solution of conflicts of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan. 

They announced that it is not included in their mandate to investigate and understand which side broke the ceasefire, their aim is to stabilize the situations and prevent further conflict.

Popov mentioned that one of the urgent problems that need to be solved was returning the troops to their country. The Red Cross international committee with the coordination of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk are currently dealing with that issue. Referring to the cruelties that being held by Azerbaijani soldiers, American Co-Chair James Warlick mentioned that they are concerned with that matter, and the Red Cross is also reviewing what happened in recent days.


Also, the question whether the Turkey will continue to be a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, James Warlick told that they will not have any amendments regarding the participation of states.

Gayane Aramyan

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