LiveBlogging. Poetry Reading: On the Threshold of Tomorrow

Today’s event is organized by the students in Armenian Literature and Language course about poetry on the threshold of tomorrow. They have set this up as a remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, what it is to be an Armenian from different perspectives, to move away from being the victims of tragedy, and becoming a voice of the new Armenian Generation. DSC_1000

The Poems being read are: 

  1. Money by Paghtasar Dpir
  2. Love Song by Nahabed Koutchak 
  3.  If he whom you call low born by Sayat Nova
  4. Against Fate by Frik 
  5. Arisristakes Lastiverttsi (11th century)
  6. Autobiography by Sona Van 
  7. Armenia by Archbishop Khorene Nar Bey De Lusignan 
  8. Armenia by Anaïs 
  9. What Shall We Do? by Raphael Patkanian
  10. The Sure Hope
  11. We Are Brothers by Mugurditch Beshiktashlian 
  12. Armenian Eyes by Sylva Gaboudikian 
  13. Marionette by Yeghishe CHarents 
  14. I Said To Myself by Kostan Zarian 
  15. To The Future by Gevorg Emin
  16. Fractions by Anahit Barsamyan 
  17. Difference by Zahrad 
  18. “My Mother Is a Fish” – Faulkner by Peter Balakian 
  19. The Country of Dust by Vahan Takeyn 
  20. About Being Armenian by Golia Der Hovannisyan 
  21. A Mother And a Son by Alexander Dzadoorian 
  22. I Refuse to Speak Armenian by Christopher Atamian 
  23. Translating by Diana Der-Hovanessian 
  24. Old Words
  25. Speaking of The Past by Lola Koundakjian 
  26. The Knowledge by Ann Haverty 
  27. Tamada 
  28. Haghartzin by Micheal Stone 
  29. Odar At The Ruins of Ani by Savino Nepola 
  30. O Armenia, by Alfred G. Mueller II



The students light up some candles for the souls of the victims of the genocide.

They comment that the poems chosen are of great importance to show us the connection with being an Armenian and Christian. “It is such an Armenian notion that we have family ingrained in us.” 


The audience and the students take turns in reading the poems. 

Merry Artinian 


Tatevik Avetisyan 


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