Live Blogging: Creative Writing Contest Award

“Through the Bridge of Changes” is a creative writing contest organized by “The Bridge” newspaper, which gave AUA students an opportunity to write and submit your original works based on the prompt “How you see the world differently.” 

The event was organized by The Bridge Newspaper’s PR Team. The juries who had judged the students work were Arto Vaun, Christian Garbis, and Nareg Seferian. The jury had judged anonymously just as the students did not know who the jury was. 

The contestants were: 

  1. Vahe Karapetyan 
  2. Liana Hakobyan 
  3. Seda Manucharyan 
  4. Eduard Avetisyan 
  5. Zhirayr Martirosyan 
  6. Tatevik Kyurkchyan 
  7. Erik Hambardzumyan 
  8. Ruzanna Hanesyan 
  9. Christina Nercessian 
  10. Anush Ter-Khachatryan 
  11. Aram Serobyan 

Our contestants are telling about their works, what inspired them to write, and sharing their writing experience. They also give advice on to how to keep yourself motivated to continue writing and finish what you started. IMG_3463The 1st place award for prose writing went to Seda Manucharyan, who unfortunately could not be at the event. 

The 1st place award for poetry writing went to Liana Hakobyan who is very excited and was not expecting to win an award. 

All of our contestants were happy with the result and enjoyed writing for our creative writing contest and sharing their experience. 

Merry Artinian. 

Oragnizers/PR Team

Diana Gasparyan 

Sharlot Akbarimasihi 

Anna Sargsyan 

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