10 things to do during summer (If you’re getting bored)

As the semester comes to an end, students feel completely exhausted from the final exams and papers. The idea of summer and three months (in our case, three and a half) of doing nothing sounds like heaven. But after the holidays are officially announced, all of the sudden, people start panicking because they do know “what to do next”. You can’t go to the cinema, read books or walk in our beautiful city for three months. It’s too long. So, those students who have no plans for summer should immediately read this article.

There are plenty of things to do during summer, you just have to think more broadly to see the bigger picture. Here are ten activities you can do to have the summer of your life and forget about boredom.

  1.      Apply to Internships or Volunteer


Not many people can have a rest for three months, some people just need to have a busy schedule. So, applying to internships is a goon opinion because you learn new skills, which may/may not be related to your major. Internships provide examples of working environments to prepare you for your future jobs. Use your summer to get ready for the future.

Becoming a volunteer for the summer is another great experience because the jobs for volunteering may look simple and not in any way connected to your future profession, but they are new experiences during which students meet interesting people and change their worldview. Join an interesting organization you have been following or an NGO which mission is something you would want to do. Do something fun and learn from it.

Both internships and volunteering are available in Armenia and outside of Armenia. Experiencing the same in other countries is a better opportunity for you to see new things and learn more about different cultures. So, don’t miss this chance. Make your summer more productive.

Examples in Armenia: http://www.luys.am/#




Examples outside Armenia: http://aiesecarmenia.weebly.com/

  1.      Go on a Road Trip

Summer is the best time to finally do something special with friends. Plan an adventure. Gather some people and go on a road trip. You can always find out more about your country than you know. Visit some of the least famous places of Armenia. Maybe you’ll be the first person to find something interesting there. Take pictures from your journey and make a photo album. Having these experiences with friends is the only thing that creates the best memories. Don’t miss it. Here are some blog post about road trip experiences to give you an idea:




  1.      Get an actual Job

If internships and volunteering does not work for you because you don’t get paid, then you should probably find a job for the summer, which is also a great achievement. It is important for college students to start earning money on their own. So, it doesn’t matter much where you are going to work for the summer. What matters is that you have your money and you’re not depending on your parents. Besides, after working for the summer, you might have enough money to travel or pay for your education. Most students work at cafes and restaurants. So, if this is how you prefer to spend your summer, visit some famous places and ask if they are hiring. You can also call them or ask via Facebook. Here are some examples of famous cafes/restaurants with their contacts in Armenia, and a blog about working experience: https://www.facebook.com/cinnabonarm/?fref=ts





  1.      Learn new Languages

This might sound a bit cliché, but when you think about it, academic studies are always distracting you from learning a new language, which you might have wished to do for a long time. Knowing different languages is only going to help you while traveling, and generally, when talking to people all over the world. However, it is understandable that during summer there is a lack of teachers, so instead you can take online courses of whatever language you want. Here you can find the sources of online language courses for free: http://www.openculture.com/freelanguagelessons



  1.      Visit some festivals

Summer is the best time for organizing various festivals either in Armenia or outside. You can have great experiences while being at a festival. Seeing many different people, understanding the cause of the organized event, seeing something new and interesting for the first time is a lot to learn and at the same time have fun. To learn more about events happening in Armenia during summer, you can check the following link: http://www.armeniancalendar.com/



  1.      Attend/Organize Parties

When else would you have time to have fun? Studying takes the majority of your time. Some students keep forgetting that in this age it is also very important to simply take things easy and be more positive and fun. As summer is the only time completely take your mind off studies, you may as well use it for making unforgettable memories with your course mates. Visit the facebook pages of some local pubs/clubs to see the upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/libeertypub/?fref=ts



  1.      Travel

There’s nothing wrong about staying in your country. But to be an open minded, intelligent, and interesting person, you should have the desire to go out and see different cultures, which are not in any way similar to yours, meet people who have a completely different mentality, see places which you couldn’t even imagine. It makes you understand people, and generally, the world better. And it’s a great way to find who you truly are. Travel alone, see everything for yourself, or travel with a group and share your experiences. Visit the website to see if you need a tour, and read some travel quotes to get inspired: http://www.aesu.com/


  1.      Go to a summer school

For some people summer is all about fun. But if you think that taking some extra courses is what you really want – go ahead! Learn more about what is interesting to you. However, it is a lot more engaging to take courses outside of your college and your country. You can find your favorite subjects in many summer schools of different countries by following the link: http://armacad.info/


  1.      Participate in new activities

Use your free time to do something new and unusual. Do you like walking? – Participate in the summer hikes with groups of people. Do you enjoy the rush of adrenaline? – skydive or zip-line. Ride horses if that’s what you wanted, but never tried before. Think of something and do it. You can find information about the listed activities in the following links: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g4414707-d8517704-Reviews-Yell_Extreme_Park-Yenokavan_Tavush_Province.html




  1.  Work on yourself

Think of something you haven’t been doing for a long time, which affected you. Maybe you left a hobby because of studying or maybe you didn’t have time to go to the gym and got extra weight. Summer is the time to fix it all. Focus on your hobbies and get motivated about your passions. Do not let them go.


Marina Babayan

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