20 Fashion Trends According to Nikolay Ovechkin

ORIFLAME FASHION NIGHT: Business Fashion/Styling

In the framework of Oriflame Fashion Night event, Nikolay Ovechkin, a stylist from a Russian TV Program “Fashion Verdict,” presented 20 fashion trends for this Fall season.

1. Velvet
Velvet, thanks to the efforts of many well-known brands, such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin, and Valentino, velvet is once again at the peak of its popularity. It is believed that velvet clothes make people look fuller, so it often comes with a darker shade (dark blue, black, etc.). However, for this season, Valentino introduced a brighter color, the color of mustard.
velvet©Photo: Yannis Vlamos, Marcus Tondo

2. Purple/Lilac 
Nikolay Ovechkin said that purple is an independent color and it fits well in the wardrobe during the spring/summer season. Despite the fact that the color is quite complex for the correct selection of accessories, he warns that if in doubt, it is better not to wear it.
©Photo: Yannis Vlamos, Monica Feudi

3. Puffer Jacket
You should wear a down jacket based on weather conditions. Do not be afraid to wear the jacket with evening gowns; Ovechkin, however, warns to combine these pieces carefully,  because not all evening dresses fit with down jackets.

puffer coat©Photo: Monica Feudi,  Phill Oh, Yannis Vlamos

4. Frills/Ruffles
This trend can be considered one of the most popular in Yerevan. However, Nikolay warns us to be careful with ruffles not to hypertrophy this trend. He also appealed to girls with a magnificent bust or broad shoulders and narrow hips for avoiding frills or wearing them only at the bottom, so that it looks harmonious.

ruffles©Photo: Monica Feudi, Monica Feudi, Yannis Vlamos

5. Striped Suit
The striped suit is another trend of this season. However, if the stripes do not follow vertically down the suit, it means that you are not wearing them right. You should either change the size or not wear them at all.

striped, oscar hunt.com.au©Source: oscarhunt.com.au

6. Pastel
The most popular colors from this trend are powdery pink and milky blue. If you remember Lupita Nyongo’s appearance at the 2014 Oscar’s ceremony, then her dress from Prada is a great example of this trend.

pastel©Photo left, middle: Monica Feudi, right: Yannis Vlamos

7. Grunge
This is a lazy style and, according to Nikolay, this trend has an age restriction. But if your clothing size does not exceed 44, then you can safely wear it. The idea of the primacy of the spiritual over the material and the attitude towards clothes as something not too serious is the ideology of grunge. After Marc Jacobs’ collection of 1993, grunge appeared on the runways globally.

alfredo piola alexander©Alexander Wang, Photo: Alfredo Piola 

8. Military
This is mostly made up of the khaki color. Camouflage style is not always appropriate for everyone, and if you look in the mirror and you feel that it is not yours, then you better not wear “military.” In order not to “dissolve” in the military style, it is necessary to supplement the look with accessories that will emphasize your femininity.

MILITARY©Photo left: Yannis Vlamos, right: live.chloe.com

9. Fuchsia
Also a popular trend in Armenia. However, do not overwear. Tall women can combine other materials along with fuchsia, such as jeans, jackets, etc.

FotorCreatedtjj©Source: sugarscape.com, right: self.com

10. Oversize
Ovechkin explained this trend to the audience as “your boyfriend’s or husband’s clothes.”  When selecting a T-shirt, if its shoulder seams down below the shoulder, then it is an oversize shirt.

oversize©Photo: Yannis Vlamos

11. Hollywood

gvwsfv©wire image, AFP/getty images

12. Red with Black

yannisvlamos©Photo: Yannis Vlamos

13. Motor Racing
Balenciaga is a good example of this trend with its leather jackets and coats.

bike style©Photo: Yannis Vlamos

14. Checked Suits

checked suits©Photo right: Yannis Vlamos

15. Vinyl

vinyl©Photo: Yannis Vlamos, Marcus Tondo, Kim WestonArnold

16. Fun fur
Representatives of PETA are fighting for the animals’ protection, in the meantime, the fur becomes one of the biggest hits of the trend. However, it is not necessary to choose natural fur since artificial fur could be an ideal substitute. Nikolay Ovechkin also points out that faux fur can be worn out by students and still look good.

fun fur

17. Appliquéd  jacket
Recurring in the 90s, is also trend seen in Saint Lauren, Calvin Klein, and others’ works. If you saw the latest Tommy Hilfiger show, then you will probably remember Gigi Hadid’s look on the runway.

_AAC0044©Photo: Yannis Vlamos

18. Brocade
fall_winter_2015_2016_fashion_trends_brocade© Source: fashionisers.com

19. Leopard
“Leopard with the leopard is not compatible”- was Nickolay’s first words concerning this trend. Hence, if you have decided to wear leopard, it does not mean that the whole look should be a leopard. One item is more than enough to use in a single look. If you do not know how to integrate your leopard clothe into today’s wardrobe, then simply do not.

©Photo: Marcus Tondo, Kim WestonArnold, Monica Feudi, Yannis Vlamos.

20. Upholstery Style

upholstery©Photo left: Monica Feudi; right: Marcus Tondo

Do not be afraid to experiment with your style, since if you do not, you will never find your own style that can best express yourself. For now, let’s wait and see how the street style is going so far in New York and have a closer glance into the trends.


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