Milan Fashion Week 2016 Overview

Milan Fashion Week was full of surprises starting from the Dolce Gabbana’s light-up shoes and Moschino’s paper doll clothes and ending with Gigi Hadid being manhandled on the streets of Milan by Ukranian television reporter Vitalii Sediuk

Regarding the runway collections, the most memorable ones were Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Moschino, MSGM, Max Mara, and Dolce Gabbana. Each brand managed to represent their identity in the freshest and effective way.

Alberta Ferretti

The collection reminds of the movie ‘Bandidas’, with its’ grills, and color choices: eminence, steel blue, red, moreover, its’ combinations, in particular, leave an image of ‘daring women.’ Belts played a huge role in imputing ‘stiffness’ to models’ appearance. Chiffon goes well with leather. Belts accentuate the waist, revealing the silhouette. This is how Alberta Ferretti presents her collection to Nowfashion magazine: “With this collection, I have introduced passion into my fashion narrative. I followed my natural instinct, which led me to a vision of romantic femininity, a passionate womanly character, comfortable in her own skin, able to openly express herself with radiance and passion.”

kim1 kimweston1 kimwestonarnold©Photo: Kim Weston Arnold


Fendi’s beginning of the show was a coincidence since it was again Gigi Hadid who opened it (she also opened the Alberta Ferretti’s show). However, the face of the collection totally differs from the previous brand…obviously. Here we have a lot of stripes, pastel, and brocade. Karl Lagerfeld along with Silvia Venturini mixed modern with an antiquated style. How well they have managed to combine different styles, judge for yourselves. Worth noting that bags were a single work of art.

cszdv FotorCreated scda sfxhdc©Photo: Yannis Vlamos


While a breeze of Asian elements (mandarin collars) has created an assembled image, feathers gave place to the imagination. However, the only things that caught attention were belts, or maybe an accessory that is nearly present in every look. This is how Miuccia Prada described her collection to Vogue: “Instead of exploring the history of women, which I have been doing for a while, I decided to take care of now, the present, and trying to find elegance.”

dsjbck dsknv FotorCreated yannis yannisvlamosdvcjs©Photo: Marcus Tondo


“You know, when you are in love, in a nightclub, but you are not in the right place, the person is not there?” said Alessandro Michele during the preview to Vogue. While describing his collection in a confusing way, after seeing the show it ends up to be true. Who would not want to be in the wrong place, while wearing Gucci’s dress? Overkill? Just Right. If Prada has some Asian elements, then half of the Gucci’s look welcomes Asia. Embroidered dragons, fans, also worth noting safari elements, animals, and bright colors.

Photo: Kevin Tachman

Photo: Kevin Tachman

dfawdfc fdbvsxdf fnrbsfd FotorCreated fsdvhbms

©Photo: Yannis Vlamos


Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Nothing scares me more than people with some doll collection.” Oh, well then maybe Jeremy Scott is not one of the designer’s favorites because Moschino was all about Paper Dolls. Jeremy Scott as usually made media talk about Moschino. A 2D collection of both clothing and accessories.

dfb drhdt sdbdv©Photo: Yannis Vlamos


Of all the above-presented collections for sure this is the clearest so far, in a sense of color distribution and collages creation. As usual, the ruffles were one of the main elements of the collection, as well as bold colors prevailed over white, which at the beginning of the collection was in excess. Here we can mention accessories, and footwear. Footwear was definitely sporting but was made in a modern style. A little neon involved. As for accessories, models were carrying bucket bags covered with mesh. Massimo Giorgetti has managed to transform the look from a simple to a free one.

ckvmbd dfbmd fsvs nbk wfvcwe©Photo: Alessandro Garofalo 

Max Mara

Hoodies, overalls, visors, bodysuits, sweaters were the core of the collection. Let’s not forget the grass print that reminds of tropics. Though the collection reminds of summer, the color choice, hoodies and sweaters throw us back to where we are now, autumn. As if we are recalling the summer memories, while having October on our calendar.

umberto54 wesfs xvn vh fbdryi ©Photo: Umberto Fratini

Dolce & Gabbana

Let’s go back to elegance, charms, and femininity. Ice Cream/Pizza/Cocktail prints, Dolce & Gabbana’s crosses, denim, corset, leopard, and of course military jackets. Taking risks? Maybe. There is no end to Dolce & Gabbana’s team’s imagination. Heels lighting up and crown? If we don’t think about practicality, then nice imagery. This show was a big party with funny dancers organized generally for the youth…rich youth.

yannis5 yannis23 3rsdgd fasd fbnfh FotorCreated©Photo: Yannis Vlamos


P.S. Remember the news about Gigi Hadid being manhandled by Ukrainian television reporter Vitalii Sediuk? Here is the photo:



Good job, Gigi! 


Tatevik Avetisyan

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