An Automatic Dedication to André Breton


blue elephants are hanging on the windowpanes contemplating lives of thousand hues

the cars are blue and heavy

I can take them with a single finger and suck the life out of them and sing the most stretching song that you can imagine

I can go back and forth back and forth with only a sound

buzzing in your ears and watch you over and over again till you clasp your eyes and force me to devour that stretching song once again

because rehearsals are unmasked plays they don’t play themselves they just are and are in many forms and sounds

put your foot on that sound and make it screech or make it despise you or make it hate your toe

do it without ever contemplating because that will turn you into an elephant

a tired one hanging on my windowpanes crying weeping an ocean

you talked about rain?

I talked of weeping elephants and ignorant clouds that are sick of themselves

and the dumb dumb ravens that grumble at me and you and all the existing things that are and aren’t

my life is a time loop

subtract me into two and cautiously lead toward the gate

the rest I will pass myself with my

ignorance teaching me some important things that I should not

remember but will by the same reason

the cup is all that matters the rest is just a sand in a

sand in a sand in a cup

let me finish the drink with a story on my tongue which burns and vanishes and is reborn like a phoenix

a phoenix is a true friend

he puts his hand in my pocket and takes out my dusty life as a picture

a fresco rather which is old so old it needs restoration or

storation whatever that means

if it doesn’t mean anything it means  

hereafter I am singing the song of my veneration

I will put myself on a plate and appear in your mouth directly

but my tongue is here with dangling elephants on my windowpanes I so much loved

or would do

if I could say I do

but I have no tongue and nor do you

I am so happy that nor do you


André Breton is the founder of Surrealism, who in his writings celebrated the unconscious dimension of human mind and the interplay of the Freudian concepts of  Ego, Superego and Id. He practiced a writing method called “automatic writing”, a non-stop writing in a very short time, that would trigger the mind and display its free associations, weird collages of seemingly alien thoughts to which one may never have had access before.

The author of the piece below has written it in 3 minutes and presents it without editing.



Anush Ter-Khachatryan

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