Experimenting with Music at TUMO

Recently, a composer and cellist Artyom Manukyan and  LA-based electro DJ Bei Ru guided 21 students from TUMO center for creative technologies with their own techniques of creating musical compositions and knowledge basics of music production. In the musical hall of  TUMO , on November 19th, the two musicians were tuning the instruments to present the results of their learning lab. During the two weeks of workshops students made out of 5 groups came up with new adaptations of famous songs like “Hey Jude” by “The Beatles”, Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”, SOAD’s well known “Aerials” and many more.


The concert attracted the attention of dozens of people. The music hall was full of excited students, their friends and families. Bei Ru’s students had composed their own electro songs, which were available for everyone to listen at the end of the concert. People could approach the iPads, take the headphones and listen up to the students’ creations. Towards the end of the concert Artyom and Bei Ru also performed and the audience had the chance to witness the work  of the professionals.

As the students mentioned TUMO is a new platform for Armenian youth to expand the borders of their interests and learn new skills from experienced artists. Such workshops are a common format of learning for  TUMO students. “It was my first time singing and playing in a live concert,”  said Lilit Hovakimian a participant of the learning lab, “I got the chance to work with a master and professional like he is and had a lot of fun. I learned to work in a group, to sing and to compose songs. We shot lots of music videos and also gave a concert. We had a chance to meet influential musicians such as Serj Tankian, Tigran Hamasyan, Tigran Mansuryan, Lilit Pipoyan, Garik Papoyan, Kanye West and lots more.” At first, Lilit started from programming at TUMO, but then got involved in one of TUMO’s music bands named “Decibelle”.

Another musical project of TUMO is called “Tmba Ta” and Elen Atanesyan, an AUA English & Communications Major, sophomore, is a singer in it. She recalls how after her one year membership at TUMO she joined a workshop let by Arik Grigoryan from Armenian famous band The Bambir. “Everything was very new, unique and  abstract. Then everything turned into a project and afterwards, into a group. The idea of the group’s name came very unexpectedly. We kept on saying tmba ta during one of our songs and decided to call the band with the same sound. We have been giving concerts both in Armenia and in US.” says Elen.

Elen also mentioned how TUMO gave her various opportunities with its very open-minded and independent atmosphere, “Everyone can find themselves and get the knowledge in a specific field they need.”

What AUAers think of TUMO…

“At TUMO, an Armenian student can get all the knowledge they need in technologies from highly qualified specialists and what’s more, it’s completely free! Every time guests visit TUMO, they always emphasize the fact that TUMO is unique in its type in the whole world.” – Robert Voskanyan, English & Communications major, sophomore.

“All the gratitude goes to TUMO because it was there that I learned how to work with recordings. My inner potential increased and I learned how to work as a team. There I learned how not to give up.” -Mariam Ghazaryan,  English & Communications major, freshman.

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies is a free of charge digital media learning center in Yerevan, Armenia. Since its opening in 2011, the center has provided thousands of students aged 12–18 an open environment where they can use the latest in digital tools, learn from media professionals, and explore the intersection of technology and art.


Diana Hakobyan

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