AUA Fashion Insider: 1st Edition

Fashion is constantly changing, and it exists all around us. The Fashion Insider takes a closer look at exactly what students at AUA are wearing, in accordance with the latest trends. We will provide information about what is currently popular, and some interesting facts along the way. If you have an eye-catching and unique look next time, you might be featured under the spotlight of this segment.



“Autumn is my favorite season for fashion since I love the transition to cold weather. I get to wear boots and coats.” Arpi Shahinyan


“Well, I’m a student so I dress according to each season. I mostly love cozy sweaters.” Chenchen Wang


“I can’t live without my coats and jackets, but if I had to never wear one thing ever again it would be sneakers.” Maria Zakaryan


“I describe my style in three words: comfortable, unusual, and hipsteric.” Lara Sargsyan


“My style is partly influenced by Jim Morrison, and partly by what’s in my closet.” Max Gouchian


“I’m often inspired by a brand called Are You Am I by Rumi Neely. Her designs have such a free vibe to them; she doesn’t make compromises and isn’t scared to express herself however she wants.” Emma Hovhannisyan


“I do not follow fashion, I follow style.” Vram Hakobyan


“My favorite accessory for cold weather are large scarves, especially if they are burgundy-colored.” Mariam Harutyunyan


“I don’t follow fashion trends, because it is not correct. Instead, you should create your own.” Vicky Melkonyan


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