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On January 20th the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Karen Karapetyan is on a visit in AUA. He is scheduled to hold  a discussion at the Alex Manoogian hall with students at 2:30pm. 


“I am more than sure that the intellectual factor is a necessity for the future of Armenia… we have big hopes for you” says Karapetyan.


“There is no need to invent a bicycle to make Armenia more investor friendly. There are textbook cases that you can look at  and find answers from.” 


“I think Armenia will have a woman prime minister at some point. I cannot predict when though. But if you ask me, it’s not a position to be jealous of.” 


“How can Armenia be an educational center where international students can come to study to?” asks a student.

“For the educational system to be appealing it needs to be modern. If we can create a safe environment for international students, I am all for it,” replied mr. Karapetyan.

“There are people in the governmental structures that are not effective and need to be fired. Not always it’s bad to fire 50% of staff in an organization. It might be optimization.”

“I do not have plans to open my own party. I hope that you will see in the Republican Party’s program, that it will note it has made past mistakes. That is not something every ruling party would do. We clearly picture the bumps and crossroads that a ruling party can face. We will try to show with our regular everyday work that we’re going the right way.”


“The government is not interfering with imports. Those who do…. (pauses, ed.) are not doing a good thing.. If there are any difficulties, call me right away, but I don’t think you will.”


“Be independent, be active and love our country,” advised the Prime Minister to AUA students.


“2017 is going to be a year of sanitization. We will create a stable environment to have stable growth. I would advise you to visit our 100 day report. 9% of the measure that we have proposed have been anti-corruption and 10% for business development.” 

“Per 7-10 students in Armenia there is one teacher. In Europe as a contrast, there are 18-20 students per teacher. Twice as much.”

When asked whether it was a good or bad thing to join the Eurasian Economic Union, Mr. Karapetyan said that “Armenia’s potential is built in a way that its main consumers are post-Soviet states. Even if the economic growth has decreased, let’s do a simulation. What would be if we didn’t join it? Maybe we would be worse off? We are becoming members of a big football club. If we can, we should score the goal.”

With this, his speech is ended.


Dr. Armen der Kiureghian awards the Prime Minister with a memorial statuette with the inscription of “to the government of the Republic of Armenia in recognition of its role in founding the American University of Armenia.”

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