Fashion Meets 3D Printing

The future of fashion has arrived and it no longer involves regular fabrics and shapes. 3D printing provides a larger template of materials and ideas to work with for designers. A new concept in the stages of early development, many designers have begun experimenting with this new method. The dominating figure of this concept is Iris van Herpen, a Dutch designer who was the first to showcase 3D printed clothing on a runway. She began incorporating 3D printing into her clothing designs in 2010. She still continues to surprise the fashion industry with unique designs.

Herpen considers her singular style of clothing as “New Couture” and has created 15 unique collections over the previous years. Becoming more popular with each coming year, these designs have begun the ultimate revolution in the fashion world. With further technological developments, more designers and notable brands will begin to create and display their products with this 3D format. Take a look below at some of Herpen’s pieces from various couture collections which surpass all boundaries of imagination and creativity.

If you are interested, visit Herpen’s official website.


Tatevik Kyurkchyan

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