Striving for Success: from Translator to Practicing Attorney

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Inessa Manukyan

Have you ever wondered at what age people can become successful? Have you thought that you are too young and have a plenty of time to create your path to success? Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling… these are people who got successful before becoming 27. For some people, like Trump success is a linear process, for others, like J.K. Rowling it consists of bumps, ups and downs along the way. But believe it or not when it comes to success the age is nothing but a mere number. If you think that you are too young to reach your success than you should keep reading this story of a person, whose humble yet decisive ambitions pushed him to reach the midpoint in his long way of success. This is a story of a person who was never afraid of failing and took on his decisions and dreams for the purpose of turning them into accomplished goals.

“It’s not about dreaming but it’s about acting. Whenever you try working on yourself, developing your skills and knowledge, there come people who get interested in employing you. I know that whenever I start working on myself, I reveal what is better for me and strive to achieve it no matter the difficulties and hardships. That’s why, I follow the endless chain of “fail, try again and succeed.” Nshan Matevosyan.

It is hard to describe Nshan Matevosyan shortly in one word or even a sentence. For that reason, I had to create a whole story about the path that he created at 26. As a child, Nshan had a dream to become a successful businessman. But very soon the successful businessman turned into a competent translator, negotiator and lawyer. If in the chess theory the “opening” and “endgame” are the most critical points for the positive result, in life “midgame” is the standpoint. So, after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Translation at Interlingua Linguistic University in Armenia, Nshan turned the wheel direction of his ship of success 180 degrees and became a lawyer.

Nshan started to create his career of a lawyer while volunteering as a legal assistant in a company providing legal advice to Armenian citizens. Meanwhile, he got professionalized in translating legal documents and laws which further led him to get admitted to American University of Armenia (AUA) and become one of the most prospective students of the LLM (Master of Laws) program at AUA.

“Why AUA? Because it has the best international practice available in Armenia, and AUA is considered as one of the best educational institutions in Armenia and the entire region. Most of the professors at AUA have studied abroad in the best universities of the world, like Cambridge, Harvard, and Oxford. This was so appealing and attractive to me,” Nshan explains.

Seventy percent of the working day, Nshan spends in his office practicing law. Besides, twice a week he visits AUA as a Teaching Assistant for the Negotiation course designed for current undergraduate students. What’s more, he teaches the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) course at AUA, which is an exam developed for people who want to become law students.

Surprisingly, AUA, as an educational institution was not Nshan’s last destination. His thirst for education guided him to the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, where he could expand his knowledge on local Armenian law and legislation system. Within this period of time, Nshan worked as a Director of a law firm in Armenia for almost a year. After successfully passing the Republic of Armenia Bar exam, currently Nshan is a practicing (licensed) attorney.

The story doesn’t end here, and if you wonder how this young man has created this path at this young age, I should confess that I also do. Nshan intends to become a professor because he likes to interact with the younger generation, teach them and learn something from them. According to Nshan, by studying abroad he can bring the international best practice here and transfer it to Armenian young generation.

“To become a competent teacher- this is how I see my future,” Nshan says.

Usually, when we ask people whether they have dreams, at first point they recall all the dreams once they had but could not realize. The famous quote by an anonymous author “dream big” has probably motivated thousands of young people. But it didn’t work in case of Nshan, because to the question whether or not he has a dream, he was quite confident:

“Actually I have goals. I had dreams before but now they have turned into goals. Firstly to say, my goal was to have a good job and most importantly to enjoy it. I can truly confirm that I have reached it, yet I still have many more that are going to be achieved in case I continue to work harder. Among those in the near future is to go and study Business Law in Oxford, later in Harvard.”

As Nshan urges, even though the fields of his interest are diverse, they all are interconnected. “For example, studying business law does not make a person become a businessman, but it is more about becoming a person who would advise people how to become a businessman, or for those who have already become, to advise them how to act in certain situations,” Nshan explains. Throughout this long path of journey, with ups and downs, twists and bumps, Nshan has always had different sources of inspiration and motivation. Among those people, Nshan highlighted his professor Dr. Tom Samuelian, and a good friend Stepan Khzrtian.


“In fact, people who could succeed in life inspired me a lot, and I look at them trying to be as successful as they are.”

In most of the cases, successful people encounter several failures along their paths. For some people those failures are huge, for others they are just minor errors that are easily fixed. As a human being, Nshan was not an exception. One of the biggest hardships that he encountered along his path was the failure to find a job after his graduation. As an already experienced lawyer it was disappointing, however, very soon due to his great efforts and motivation he found the solution by establishing “Center for Excellence in Negotiation: Yerevan”, which is specialized in negotiation, communication, and leadership practice aiming to improve decision-making processes and social dialogue.

To make the long story short, Nshan’s advice to younger generation is to never give up.

“At least one should try to work hard, try to sharpen his/her skills in the field s/he is specialized in because it is extremely important to take every single opportunity. Certainly, everyone has to give up something to gain another, but just giving up and not doing anything is not promising,” says Nshan.

Some people want to be successful, others strive for success…


Below you can get introduced to 7 Qucikfire Questions with Nshan Matevosyan.

1) Who is your favorite musician?

Chris Botti

2) Would you prefer Pizza or Burger?


3) What is your favorite movie?

The Holiday

4) What would you do if you had a time machine?

I would go back but not to the future. I would go back to my childhood to enjoy every

5) If you could meet a famous person who that would be?

George Clooney

6) What is your favorite hobby?

Riding a bicycle

7) What is your life motto?

Work on yourself as much as you can

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