8 Definitions of Personal Style

Now, when the final exams are over, it is time to present the project that took us nearly a month to turn into a reality. Special thanks to the sponsor of our sleepless nights, American University of Armenia. Just kidding. Some students may remember that during the end of April we randomly stopped students in the corridors to take pictures for our Fashion section. Finally, it is the time to find out what our students think about style. It was a very fun experience to photograph students before the exam days when they are happy and wait for summer holidays with temptation.

It will be right to start with Emma, for she is the first person whom we by chance decided to include in our section. At that time, when I furiously tried to find good lighting for photographs, Emma hurried to her lessons. And of course, Emma like no-one else could be torn off from classes to help me find good lighting. But as it usually turns out, when you photograph a cheerful person, the photo speaks for itself.

Special attention to details: you probably noticed Ani’s colorful socks and unique sneakers, which stayed in my memory fairly well.

Karlen approached our questions about his style with humor. After we introduced the purpose of this photoshoot saying that we would like to know what our students think about style, he with a look that said: now you will be disappointed, said

But I am not an AUA student, I just graduated…

But no one will ever know about it, right?

Quietly approaching Sona, she had no idea what was coming. BTW, in this photo she does wear Nike sneakers, It is just the photographer simply gives you a chance to guess what kind of Nike Sona puts on.

Unlike some of the students, Margarita‘s face was pretty questioning, certainly not every day you will be approached by a stranger who would ask to make a picture of you. However, as you see, she kindly agreed to take part in this project. Sometimes not only the clothes bring attention, I met Margarita when she was passing the Bridge. One thing that caught my attention was her graceful gait which made her clothes look even more beautiful.

Mary’s photo was taken under the rain that is why the aura of this image is quite romantic. After noticing Mary’s Instagram photos I found out that we do have students in AUA who follow latest fashion news and are pretty interested in this industry. This is how the idea of including Mary was born.

Have you seen Armen such modest as in this photo?

“Would you like to see the photos before I post it? No, I trust your choice,” says Kristina to a person she talks for the first time and makes this photo shoot the fastest one.

The style is what makes us unique. Seeing our students diverse not only in their academic performance but also in their style is one of the reasons we consider it worth presenting. Even though it might seem that fashion and style are not important enough for constant discussions, I do believe that we should include them in our “academic curriculum” that can further improve our performance in professional settings.

One thing to remember is not how expensive your dress is but how you express yourself through your style. Just be yourself, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.


Tatevik Kyurkchyan
Tatevik Avetisyan


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