The University’s Response to the Political Campaign Video Issue

Since our previous article thatdiscussed the issue of an AUA classroom being demonstrated in a political campaign video provoked considerable interest among our readers, we decided to present the response of the president of the American University of Armenia, Armen Der Kiureghian, which was disseminated amongst the AUA community.

In his message, Dr. Kiureghian mentions that AUA often rents its space to different organizations for filming. AUA rented its space to a company for filming and even though AUA reviewed the details of the proposal, the university was not fully aware in what way the footage would ultimately be used for.

President Kiureghian assures that the video has absolutely no reference to AUA. He mentions that although people familiar with AUA’s facilities could have a different impression, AUA did not endorse the content of the video in any way. He also thinks that this is a good opportunity to review and make changes in the process of handling the requests for filming at AUA.

Arpi Janyan

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