Freshmen Newbies

Garik Asatryan – BS in Computer Sciences – Class of 2021

I really enjoy the welcoming attitude of people at AUA and I value how people care about how we present ourselves individually and understand us in a different way. The other aspect that I really enjoy about AUA is that it gives us a unique opportunity to better ourselves. Our peer mentors are very friendly and supportive. They do their best to show us all the hidden corners of AUA and genuinely tell us all the tips they have leart during their studies at AUA. I believe that due to the professors and education system I will become experienced programmer. 


Aram Sargsyan – BS in Computer Sciences – Class of 2021

The first impression about AUA is of course fascinating. It is a great place, with modern facilities that give you a chance to explore yourself by using those facilities. It also gives you a lot of opportunities to go forward and always look for new experiences. AUA is a place where you are challenged and motivated to excel yourself, be creative, and always look for new challenges. I believe that choosing AUA was the best decision and I am looking forward to my new adventure.

Liana Sargsyan – BA in Business – Class of 2021

After orientation day I am more than sure that studying at AUA is the best decision I could have ever made. I know that AUA can give me a lot of opportunities for both professional and personal development. Being part of AUA’s huge family is not just exciting but also very inspiring.



Lusine Sargsyan

Tatevik Avetisyan 

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