The Drama Continues

The Drama Club, considered to be one of the oldest clubs at AUA, is known for its annual performances and artistic reflection. Each year their style of working changes to produce something different every time.


This year, the Drama Club and “The Writers on The Storm” Club are working on a new play, A Streetcar Named Desire, to be performed on Spring 2018. Melissa Brown won’t be directing this time and the steering wheel  is left in the student’s hands. Current crew member, Merry Artinian, states that the excitement from last year has reached till now, and people are eager to see what the Drama Club is preparing next. The call for new cast and crew members is to be announced soon. 


Vartan Panossian as Tom, The Time of Your Life







“The drama club is basically a place to goof around, in the sense to feel free to “be a fool” as long as the character is portrayed well. This year they’re going to perform a play with simple wording but complex characters. I’m confident it will be delivered as intended.”


Sona Poghosyan as Blick, The Time of Your Life


















        “Drama club came in handy for meeting like minded people. I am not a very social person by nature, so Drama club gave me the push I needed during freshman year. Becoming friends with all the awesome people that worked on “The Time of Your Life” was definitely a highlight. Plus, theater and acting have been at the top of my list when it comes to interests. To have a club that allows you to practice your skills, conquer that notorious stage fright and learn from others hasn’t hurt, to say the least. Two words that I instantly associate with Drama club would have to be։ Lively and interactive.” 

Alex Mikayelyan as Joe, The Time of Your Life

“Describing it in two words would be a little challenging, but I’d have to say: ‘Always different’. Every rehearsal is varying in its own way, each performance is different, and there almost always something new to learn or understand about the project you’re working on. Unfortunately, I won’t be performing this year, because of time constraint. I will say I have high expectations from my friends, all of the actors, new and old.”


The Drama club has become a huge family for the members and this family  continues to grow. Keep an eye out for these announcements if you would like to be part of this family.




Ani Yavrenc

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