Breedge: A Student-Company connecting bridge

On November 18, Breedge, a student-company matching platform held an internship fair at the Armenian Startup Academy. Nine startups participated in the event: Chessify, Earlyone, in one, Woochess, Triple E, Embry, Armacad,, and Wi media. Students from different universities attended the fair. Breedge team members Liana Hakobyan, Vahan Melkonyan, and Mark Hamazaspyan, who are also students at the American University of Armenia (AUA), talked about the fair, the organizational process, and how they connect students with the most suitable company for them.

“Now that we have a fair number of startup clients, this became a perfect opportunity to be of help to our fellow students. It is somehow a win-win situation,” said Vahan Melkonyan.

The event had a fun start. As soon as guests entered the gates of the academy, the photographer took a photo of them. “ The reason is to begin the networking right at that moment. Each taken photo displays on the startupers’ computers, so they already see who is coming in,” said Mark Hamazaspyan, a member of the Breedge team.

Students walked around the academy and approached the startup tables that interested them the most. While students were in search, startups were happy to talk to each student and gathered their contact information if they had possible internship positions for those interested. Gevorg Safaryan, the CEO of Earlyone, which is an online platform for booking your place in a line beforehand, gave a lecture about career goals and the importance of networking. “Set a goal in your life, and you will immediately see the change,” said Safaryan

The reason for such action was the precise algorithm that the Breedge uses for matching students with startup companies. Liana Hakobyan shared a little bit about how the matching process is done. The Breedge team created a unique psychological test that they use as an algorithm. The way the algorithm works, the team prefers to keep in secret. Also, they give students scenarios and ask them how they would act in a certain situation. According to their answers, they identify student’s problem-solving skills, whether they are introverted or extroverted. Depending on all those details the team finalizes their decision.

The Internship Fair became an excellent opportunity for students to find possible internships and grow their networking circle.



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