Suren Manvelyan: from Astronomy to Photography

Suren Manvelyan, a renowned Armenian photographer, visited AUA on January 26, 2018 to share stories about the adventurous life of a photographer and give advice to amatuer photographers.

Suren Mavelyan’s  photos have been published in different magazines in Armenia and worldwide. His series of close-ups of the human eye called “Your Beautiful Eyes” together with a similar series on “Animal Eyes” were published by prestigious magazines such as National Geographic, Nature, Die Zeit, The Independent, Telegraph, La Republica, Liberation, The Guardian, Wired, The Huffington Post, Discovery Magazine, DT Magazine, and many others. The photos were also used by BBC, WNYC, Gizmodo, etc. Some animal eyes were used in the Luc Besson’s film “Lucy.” Recently, he had a photography exhibition of landscapes of rare places of Armenia in the framework of “Explore Armenia” grant of Ameria bank.

In parallel to photography, Manvelyan has been teaching physics, mathematics, projective geometry, and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf School. As he is passionate about astronomy, his landscape photos mostly include skies full of stars.

  During the public event organized by the MegaPixel Photography club, Manvelyan conducted a short lecture on landscape photography. His photos of Armenian landscapes portrayed Armenia from different perspectives. Besides technical nuances, he told about essential rules of landscape photography: the landscape photographer should always have thermal clothes, special glasses, and other gadgets while going on shooting outside of the city. Even if the weather forecasts promised good weather, climate can still have its surprises.

Also, Manvelyan told that he is always trying to get a good photo at once. He does not want to leave a photo how it ended up, thinking that he will make it better by Photoshop later. “Photoshop is like girls’ makeup: it has to be very little and unnoticeable. Photoshop is made to help emphasize or hide little things and not make a new photo from existed one,” jokes Manvelyan.

Guests from both AUA and the general public were present during the event; they have gotten an opportunity to learn from Manvelyan about the beautiful landscapes of Armenia and get inspired by the art of a professional photographer.

Ani Jilavyan

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